Timeless Essentials From Martin Golf

For Rick Martin it has always been a pursuit to create the perfect cotton golf shirt

Martin Golf Apparel's Fall 2012 collections embody the philosophy that led him to launch the company.

Today’s technology has allowed him to identify and source a finer Pima Cotton fiber, which is spun into a unique yarn. That yarn is then treated to proprietary finishing processes that impart a lasting luster and feel to every Martin Golf shirt. 

The Essentials Collection makes use of the company's entire color palette, bringing to the golf apparel marketplace a variety of knits and sweaters that truly live up to the Martin Golf Apparel philosophy, "as Timeless as the Game."

The Timeless Elements Collection offers items in a more specialized, yet still broad, range of colors.

The three remaining Fall 2012 collections are perfect illustrations of Martin Golf Apparel's ability and commitment to blend timelessness and tradition. martin_golf-bldstripe.jpg

The British Regimental Collection, employs a color palette inspired by vintage British military uniforms, backed up by and blended with distinctive clarifying colors and used in the service of modern yet timeless golf apparel. The roots of Authentic British Regimental colors date back to 1419 and the Court of Henry V, who established The Royal Registry of military regalia.

These colors and stripes also represent the foundations of the game of golf; Blue (Navy) embodies truth, Gold (Sunflower) reflects generosity, and Claret (Red) symbolizes valor.

In keeping with Martin's commitment to ensuring that no garment in the Fall 2012 line is restricted to its own collection, Martin takes special pride in the way pieces from the British Regimental collection can be paired with those of the Charcoal Classics Collection. martin_golf-smlstripes.jpg

This collection features many of the same colors as the British Regimental line, but highlights them with Light and Dark Charcoal shades to create the sort of bold yet natural contrast that is a hallmark of Martin Golf Apparel.

Finally, the Vineyard Collection specializes in what Martin calls "earthy" tones. The palette is based on the rich, earth tones found on the Vineyard, in bold and subtle color variations. Cabernet and Concord emulate grapes full and ripening on the vine. Cognac and stone shades incorporate the deep hues of the fertile earth. The Vineyard Collection is a palette for all seasons.

To ensure that Martin Golf Apparel reaches a select customer base of discerning golfers, these collections are sold exclusively at green grass golf clubs. For more information visit www.martingolfapparel.com .


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