Who doesn't wish for a magic golf ball?

How about a dozen that are guaranteed to fly straighter and correct slices and hooks by up to 75 per cent?

The new Polara’s Self-Correcting Ultimate Straight golf ball has attracted worldwide attention for it's unique dimple pattern and ball flight.

Although the Polara ball seems like a miracle cure, it is not for tournament play, but is designed for the recreational golfer to significantly reduce severe slices and hooks, speed up play and to reduce expenses related to lost golf balls.polaraball.jpg

While Polara respects the rules of the game the company claims it's just providing game enjoyment technologies to help grow the game of golf and most of all putting the fun back in the game.   

When asked if he considered the use of his self-correcting golf ball "cheating or illegal" Dave Felker of Polara Golf had this to say, "For recreational play, our golf ball is perfectly legal...along with other recreational golfer practices like mulligans, gimmie putts, winter rules and other shot concessions or scramble play formats."

"You just can't use the Polara Ultimate Straight ball in USGA sanctioned tournament play at the professional or amateur handicap championship level. It's designed for the 85% of golfers who are recreational golfers, the ones who just want to play golf and have fun doing it. The Polara Ultimate Straight is all about hitting more fairways off the tee.  If you play the ball as it lies in the fairway, the Polara Ultimate Straight flies like a normal golf ball. If you are playing winter rules based on course conditions or recreational skill level, you can lift, clean and place the ball with the arrow facing the target, and get the full benefits of a 75% straighter ball flight.  For beginning or returning golfers with severe slice and hook problems off the tee, and mid to high handicap recreational golfers, it's advanced game technology for pure game enjoyment, faster rounds, and less lost balls.  Less than 10% of golfers worldwide have an established amateur handicap. Less than 5% of rounds played worldwide are USGA or R&A sanctioned tournament play. So the Polara Ultimate Straight golf ball is course legal for 95% of recreational golfer rounds worldwide."

For more information about Polara Golf, visit  www.polaragolf.com or call 866-556-3100.


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