Williams' saga interesting and humorous

The last time I looked a caddie hasn’t made a clutch shot or putt under pressure.

 Last Sunday in Akron, Ohio, it appeared that Williams won the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, not Adam Scott.  In a television interview, Willams allowed his emotions to overtake good sense by claiming "this was the most satisfying win of my career."  He was hired by Scott after Woods fired him and carried Scott's bag to victory in the WGC.
Talk about stealing Scott's thunder!  Williams's anger is understandable after being dumped by Tiger Woods after they combined to win 12 majors.

But Williams isn't the first person to be fired from a job after a very successful career. Plus, he did earn more than $10 million as Tiger's caddie.

To his credit, Williams tried to deter the publicity on Tuesday by claiming his statements after Sunday's tournament were "over the top."

If nothing else, he put golf in the spotlight with NFL and college football seasons are about to begin. In the past, football season has been a tough act to upstage.

But the Williams-Woods-Scott saga could take an even more interesting/humorous twist this weekend in the PGA Championship if Woods and Scott are paired together on either Saturday or Sunday.

Wouldn't you like to be an invisible fifth in that group?

Meanwhile, Williams needs to give Scott some credit. Williams may be a great caddie, just not a very humble one.  He should watch Scott make the shots, and limit his own shotmakers.

A Dale Carnegie course could be in his future.


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