Frankel Golf Academy

Frankel Golf Academy

, FL

P: 800-990-7761

• Total of 15 Hours of Instruction by the Frankel Brothers, Not Assistants – Including A Playing Lesson Each Day
• Private lessons available year round
• Reduced Rates
• Money Back Guarantee

• Sports Illustrated
• “Academy Live” – Golf Channel
• Voted “Best Golf Schools in America”
• T.V., Press and numerous golf publications including: Golf Magazine and Golf Digest
• “Golf’s One Motion” video package voted “Top 5 Golf Videos Ever Made”

• #1 Teacher for 36 years
• Developed over a dozen major winners and numerous local, regional and national champions
• Voted “Top Teachers of All Time”...World Golf Hall of Fame
• Most successful training method in the history of golf

• Open January through May at Hammock Creek Golf Club in Palm City
• Two day full immersion:Ends experimenting, confusion and mechanical quick fi x merry-go-round-forever
• Self correcting. You only have to learn one swing thought; one concept which makes everything come together
• Age and strength are not major factors

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