The Dent//Bradshaw School of Golf

The Dent//Bradshaw School of Golf

Inverrary, FL

P: 561-346-8203

Attend the golf school that draws on the combined knowledge and experience of Jim Dent, a PGA Tour professional for over 30 years with 12 tournament victories and more than $9 million in earnings, and Rick and Rob Bradshaw, teaching professionals with over 35 years combined experience.
  • Video taped analysis of swing included

  • Learn to pivot-brace-release from the ground up

  • Use the "Dynamic Balanced System" to visualize and feel a powerful, balanced pivot

  • Increase distance ib all shots

  • Guaranteed to stop anyone from slicing

For Personal Instruction or Group Classes, Contact Director of Instruction Rob Bradshaw at 561-346-8203.

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