Community Volunteers Launch Midnight Golf in South Florida

Midnight Golf ProgramSouth Florida is now the second U.S. location to adopt the Midnight Golf Program, a venture designed to empower underserved youth through the game of golf that began in Detroit in 2001.

More than two dozen midnight golf participants and volunteers will celebrate the formal kick off to the Midnight Golf Program Monday, Nov. 16 at Palmetto Golf Course in Palmetto, Fla. The event begins at 6:30 p.m.

Since the program was formed, it has helped hundreds of participants develop the skills necessary to gain admission to colleges and universities and become gainfully employed. In all, 351 past participants now attend 60 different colleges and universities across the United States.

“This program will have an enormous impact on the young people of South Florida,” said Executive Director of Midnight Golf South Florida, Marqus Fisher. “Our mentors, guests speakers and golf professionals will give our teens the tools they need to be more successful in college and in the world of business.”

The goal of Midnight Golf is to provide mentoring and life skills to those who join the program. It helps young people who may not have the necessary support systems to attain educational and life goals.

Life skills are developed by covering a range of topics including: financial literacy, college preparation, college applications, interview techniques, resume writing, public speaking, career exploration, etiquette, networking, investing, spiritual health and giving back to the community.

Golf is used as the vehicle to achieve this social change because it’s a sport that is not accessible to many young people for a variety of reasons, even if they have an interest in doing so. The Midnight Golf Program endeavors to allow interested parties to discover the enjoyment playing golf can create, experience the rewards of hard work and learn the importance of following rules, dressing appropriately and showing courtesy and respect to others.

Click here to learn more about the South Florida Midnight Golf Program.

Where to Go:

Palmetto Golf Course
9300 SW 152nd St.
Palmetto, FL 33157


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