PGA of America Makes $10,000 Donation to Support Midnight Golf Program

PGA of AmericaMIAMI – South Florida is the new home for The Midnight Golf Program, an acclaimed initiative that gained national attention for its unique blend of serving young adults’ personal development, educational preparedness and appreciation for the game of golf.

The South Florida Chapter is led by Executive Director Marqus Fisher, with the support of local volunteers, South Florida PGA Section and the Detroit Midnight Golf Executive Committee.

The PGA of America, a sponsor since the inception of Midnight Golf, made a donation of $10,000 to support the program’s instructional curriculum. The donation was announced as part of the formal launch of the South Florida Chapter, Nov. 16, at Palmetto (Fla.) Golf Course, and was attended by participants, PGA officials and volunteers.
Founded in 2001 by Renee Fluker in Detroit, the Midnight Golf Program (MGP) has a goal to provide inner-city youth an alternative to a life on the streets. Through the MGP, participants quickly discover that playing golf is fun, rewards hard work and teaches the importance of following rules, sportsmanship and respect for self and others.
Since its founding, 615 students have participated in the Midnight Golf curriculum, with 425 completing training and 351 students currently attending 60 different colleges and universities around the country.
Midnight Golf Program"The PGA of America has been instrumental in helping to initiate and develop The Midnight Golf Program. The PGA instructors not only teach golf but let the young people know that they are worth the very best,” said Fluker. “We are grateful for the partnership that is helping transform the lives of our young people.”
The South Florida Chapter is the first program under the Midnight Golf Program to open outside of Detroit, and currently has 31 participants. Over the next 20 weeks, the program will teach the students a variety of valuable skills including financial literacy, college preparation, community activism, as well as how to play golf.

Experts from the community in everything from etiquette to banking will also donate their time as guest speakers each week to share their valuable life skills with the students while PGA Professionals provide expert instruction in the game of golf.

“The PGA of America is very pleased that South Florida will mark the next chapter in the success story of the Midnight Golf Program,” said PGA Chief Executive Officer Joe Steranka. “Golf’s inherent life values complement how one treats another off the course and form a major part of the Midnight Golf experience. We anticipate that South Florida PGA Professionals will carry on the great tradition of serving young people in this program.”



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