Creating a Proper Practice Plan

Shawn GordonIn the 15 years that I’ve been teaching golf, one of the most common things I see is “improper practice”. Most people go the the driving range and just simply swing at balls, with no real plan for improvement.

How do you create a proper practice plan for yourself? Tracking your rounds will help you build a solid practice plan. The way to track your rounds is to keep a few simple statistics that will help you understand where to focus your practice.

There are five key areas to track, that I believe are essential when building your practice plan:

  1. Driving: Did you hit or miss the fairway? If you missed, did you miss left or right?
  2. Approach Shots: Did you hit or miss the green? If you missed, where did you miss... short, long, left or right? Distance of shot. What club did you hit?
  3. Fairway and Greenside Bunkers: Fairway bunkers should be tracked as green hit or fairway hit in case of a layup and what club was hit. Greenside bunkers: Did you get up and down? How far did ball finish from hole?
  4. Chipping and Pitching: Did you get up and down? What club did you use? How far did ball finish from hole? 
  5. Putting: When tracking putting, keep the total number of putts, the distance of the first putt from hole. Where did you miss... short, long, left or right?

As you begin to track your rounds, you will be able to find your strengths and weaknesses. This will then help you to build a practice plan. An example would be if you are hitting a lot of fairways, but missing the greens with your long irons. You would then need to spend more practice time on the long irons and less time hitting driver.

If you follow these practice guidelines, you will definitely find lower scores in the near future. For more information on this topic or help with your golf game, Shawn can be reached at Emerald Greens Golf Resort & Country Club at (813) 961-1369 or cell (813) 956-1664. As always, good golfing.


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