Making Golf Fun

Making Golf Fun

The game of golf is a game of honor played by honorable people to have fun. There are as many opinions on how to play the game as there are teachers. This can be very confusing.

There is no one right method for every situation, but there maybe several right methods due to differences in athletic ability and physical conditioning.

That’s why I have chosen to break down my teaching method into three categories: grip; stance/alignment; and swing path. My method is very simple to understand and adapt to. It fits players both physically and psychologically. It incorporates swing styles for both taller and shorter players, beginners and veterans.

The grip is the most important part of the swing. The hands are the only part of the body that come into direct contact with the club. The left thumb is positioned on the right side of the club; the right thumb on the left side of the club with either an interlocking, overlap or ten finger grip on the club. The “V” formed by the left thumb and forefinger should point over the right shoulder. The right forefinger should be in the position of pulling a trigger.

Check stance and alignment with a five iron positioned in the center of your stance (midway between feet). For righthanders, ball position will move forward (left) for longer clubs and to the right side of center for shorter clubs. Alignment consists of three lines...the shoulders, waist and knees. Pick a target in the distance and align to it by holding a club to your shoulders, then your waist, and finally your knees. In each instance, the club should point to the target.

Swing path is the direction the club follows during a swing. When practicing, put two clubs down like train tracks, parallel to your target line. Keeping your hands and clubhead in the track area, results in a more upright swing that can be made easily, enabling the clubhead to square at impact repeatedly.

This type of training will enable you to take your range swing to the golf course. Repetition is the key which lets you swing by reflex. You cannot buy a swing like clubs off the rack. It’s no longer stiff or regular shafts only. There are many choices. Make them wisely after consulting a professional.

My technique allows my students to have a good time. It becomes contagious. When a player’s game improves as a result of my teaching, the player and the teacher feel good and rewarded.

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