Larry McGrath/Natural Golf

Larry McGrath/Natural Golf

Tampa Bay, FL

P: (813) 404-6532

Are you FRUSTRATED with your game? The good news is that you don't have to be because there's an easier way. It's called NATURAL GOLF. What is NATURAL GOLF? It's a simple way to hit a golf ball with distance and accuracy. It's simple, streamlined and straightforward. Based on the science of a SINGLE PLANE SWING and validated by legendary Canadian Golf Hall of Fame member MOE NORMAN. Learn the NATURAL HOLD to hit it straight. Experience the MAGIC of a Single-Plane Swing. Learn the secret to stress-free POWER. Reduced back strain with less rotation.

Expert in SINGLE PLANE Golf Instruction. It makes sense that if you start in the Single Plane Set-Up, you will return to the same position at Impact. Natural Golf is simple streamlined and straightforward. It reduces stress, improves consistency and increases enjoyment in golf because there are fewer moving parts necessary to hit ball straight. Natural Golf is based on the science of a Single Plane Swing and is validated by legendary Canadian Golf Hall of Fame member Moe Norman. Call Larry McGrath, Natural Golf Certified Instructor, at (813) 404-6532.


  • 1/2-, 1- and 2-Day Schools
  • Private Lessons (1-on-1 or group)
  • Custom-Fitted Natural Golf Clubs
  • Affordable Rates
  • Short Game Specialist
  • All Ages and Beginners
  • Physically Impaired Golfers
  • Video Analysis
  • 18-Hole Playing Instruction
  • Mental Side of the Game
  • Play to Your Potential


  • Rocky Point GC,
  • Diamond Hill GC,
  • Tampa Golf Range,
  • MacDill AFB

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