Pasadena Hills Driving Range

Pasadena Hills Driving Range

, FL

P: (813) 857-5430

Is for Golfers and for the Love of the Game

By Mike Camunas

Fred Bender never had a lot of money growing up, though it didn’t stop him from learning golf. His father made sure Bender hit the links, even if it meant playing on courses that were closed during the winter.

“That’s all my family could afford,” the PGA instructor said. Bender, along with his business and golf partner, Tim Polce, keep this in mind when running their driving range in Wesley Chapel. Pasadena Hills Golf Driving Range, tucked away on a back road of Pasco County, caters not only to every golfer, but Bender makes sure local junior golfers have a place to learn golf, inexpensively, or even for free.

“I also couldn’t afford to take lessons, so everything I learned was from my dad. As he got older, he would teach kids golf for free, which was something I want to do,” Bender said. “I eventually see Pasadena Hills as a pipeline to local high schools. “I don’t want the kids not being able to afford lessons to keep them from learning golf and enjoying it,” Bender added.

Bender and Polce live on the grounds, with Bender’s house just 50 yards from the restaurant near the tee boxes. There’a a small eating area and a synthetic practice putting green covered by an overhang.

Pasadena Hills includes a chipping area and synthetic tee boxes about 100 yards long. The two friends also run Gopher Birdie, a synthetic putting green business that helps cover the costs of running the range.

Bender’s already coaching kids from Pasco, Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills High Schools. That’s his main goal: to spread his knowledge of golf, so younger generations keep playing.

“I’ll be glad to help them and do what I can as long as they’re serious about playing,” Bender said. “They’re the future of the game.”

Pasadena Hills Golf Driving Range is located at Handcart Road and Jesse Daniel Drive in Wesley Chapel. Fred Bender can be reached at (813) 857-5430. For more information, including directions, log onto

Mike Camunas can be reached at

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