3T Sports Academy Has Relocated In Clearwater

3T Sports Academy has moved just north of its original location on Belcher Road in Clearwater. The Academy is now located at 1678 North Belcher Road, Suite 1 (Espana Business Center), one mile south of Sunset Point Road across from the Long Center.

3T Sports Academy is a sports instruction facility, with a focus on golf and archery. The indoor facility – with no rain, no time limits and using only professional and certified instructors – is always at a perfect 74 degrees. Instruction is enhanced using stateof-the-art technology.

The branded PGA Tour Simulator uses 3Trak, which is the most accurate ball flight system available today. It’s perfect for low to mid-level handicappers trying to improve their shot shaping, course management and scoring zone effectiveness (inside 100 yards). The V1 Software is capable of sending your lessons to the Internet, DVD, or even your smart phone.

The PGA Tour Simulator also allows golfers to practice on their own or play rounds of golf on famous golf courses, all indoors! From tee shots to approaches to putts, the Tour Simulator offers an unmatched indoor playing experience.

3T Sports Academy is a complete golf game improvement center from dynamic lie fitting, to playing lessons, to long game and short game instruction. They cater to men, women and juniors of all skill levels and physical abilities. Their golf instruction combines simulator technology with high speed motion analysis software, giving students instant visual feedback not available at other training facilities.

For more information, contact Toby Daniels at (727) 461-3500, e-mail: 3tsportsacademy@gmail.com or visit www.3tsportsacademy.com.


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