3T Sports Academy Now Open

3T Sports Academy3T Sports Academy is designed to draw upon several independent sports instructors with specialties ranging from archery to golf. Utilizing high speed cameras and video analysis, our professional coaches will help you become the best sportsman you can be.

3T Sports Academy offers three instruction bays for motion analysis of various sports activities. For your special golf fitting needs, we offer the one and only PGA Tour Simulator where ball flight is measured using the 3Trak System.

Motion capture technology is available in the PGA Tour Simulator as well as analysis of your weight transfer. Ball fitting and club fitting are just a couple of examples of how the PGA Tour Simulator can help improve your game.

The sports bays are available for motion analysis utilizing state of the art software. Golf is also available in the sports bays where full-swing analysis is optimized. Baseball/softball, archery and golf instruction are all available in the sports bays.

3T Sports Academy is located at 1490 Belcher Road, Suite I, in Clearwater. For more information, call (727) 461-3500 or visit www.3TSportsAcademy.com.


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