Blue Collar Golf Caters To The Common Man

Blue Collar Golf in Largo is exactly as their slogan says... “Where the Common Man Isn’t So Common!” Owner Ernest Porter gained a passion for golf when his father in law introduced him to the game in his early 20’s. He knew he needed to get a set of clubs, and went to a well-known golf store looking for a used left handed set. After 15 minutes and no salesman waiting on him he noticed a well dressed golfer come into the store and the sales clerks tripped over themselves to wait on this man who appeared to be an avid golfer with more money.

That was when Ernest left and said to himself – the common man, the blue collar guy makes the world go around and should be treated better. Being a factory worker and from a factory background, he was all too familiar with the reality that those who appear to have money get waited on and treated differently than those who are blue collar workers.

Blue Collar Golf, Where the Common Man Isn’t So Common, is a retail golf store, where you can receive Top Notch Customer Service and everyone is treated equally. Ernest is a certified custom golf club maker and fitter. He has a 20 foot indoor hitting cage and uses a Zelocity Pure Launch Monitor to complete a swing analysis and build custom clubs made for you. He carries name brands such as egra, Dynacraft, Bang, Krank and Acer, just to name a few. A custom club set includes 3-SW at an affordable price, usually under $300. Yes, that is custom built for you. His store has a full array of accessories and if he doesn’t have what you want he will find it for you at an affordable price. You will find Ernest doesn’t nickel and dime you for extras – he spines all shafts and does a lot of extras that are included in the price of his clubs. He doesn’t believe golf has to be an expensive sport only an enjoyable one.

Ernest is an active participant in charity events, PBA tournaments, and belongs to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Advisory Board. Show him your military, firefighter or law enforcement ID and he will provide you a discount as a thank you for your service. He’s also lefthanded friendly. Blue Collar Golf is located at 11616 Seminole Blvd in Largo. Stop in and just say hello.


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