Body Balance for Performance is conducting its 2010-2011 Research Project


Dear Golf Enthusiast:

Body Balance for Performance of Tampa Bay is constantly working to improve the understanding of how the body affects the golf swing. We are looking for golfers of all ages, ability and skill levels who would like to volunteer in our research project that examines this relationship. The research project will look at the physical causes of early hip extension (moving the pelvis towards the golf ball during the golf swing). Our goal is to identify risk factors that are linked to pain, inconsistent or poor performance in golf. We hope to identify factors that help golfers play golf better, longer, safer and pain free.
The research project will be performed at the Body Balance for Performance training facility located at 14506 N. Florida Ave, Tampa, Fl 33613 (between Bearss and Fletcher Ave.). There is absolutely no cost to participate in the research. The compiled results of this research will be presented at the upcoming World Golf Fitness Summit in Orlando, FL.

Each participant will need to be assessed for 30 minutes for us to capture each part of the project and will receive a $100 certificate towards Body Balance for Performance services.

If you have interest in learning more about this opportunity, please call Barry Hubbard at 813.963.0201 to set up your 30 minute appointment. You can also email him at


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