Clubfitting: The Unanswered Question

Pat McClanan ShriverFor most golfers clubfitting is the unanswered question, the unsolved mystery of their golf games.

Is your equipment right for you? Did the sales person waiting on you really know how to fit you for clubs ? Do you have the brand that suits you best? Is your driver the right loft for you? Do you need more fairway woods, or hybrids in your bag? How many wedges should you carry, and what lofts should they be? Do you have the correct shaft flex, grip size, lie angle, length, head style for you? What type of putter are you using? Is it the correct length for you? Do you prefer an offset, or center shafted putter? Have you tried a “belly putter”, “anser style”, “mallett head”, “or “blade”?

These questions all need an answer in order for you to play your best golf. With the fantastic advances in equipment technology over the past decade, there are so many new options. No matter what anybody says, equipment does matter!

Most golfers play with “anti-slice “ irons and woods too. When I ask a student , “Does your iron sit flat on the ground when you are addressing the ball, or is the outer edge, the toe, of the club, off the ground?” he will inevitably say, “ The toe is off the ground.”

This upright lie angle will cause all sorts of problems for your golf game that you will not be able to figure out. First , there comes the low hook or pulled shot, because the clubs are too upright. Next comes the “hold on move” ( you don’t release the golf club through the downswing and follow-thru in order to not hook or pull the shot). Then comes severe aiming to the left while you are holding on, to play the “banana ball” or slice. By this point you are totally off with your golf, and you go see a PGA teaching professional like myself. Or play frustrated, asking friends for tips while playing ( another “death move” for your game), or hang the clubs up for awhile, thinking that the lay off may do you some good.

All this can be avoided by having clubs that fit you, feel good in your hands, you like the look of, and that perform for you. The result is better “mis- hits”, so that you can keep the ball in the fairway when you miss a shot, and shoot lower scores.

We all spend so much time playing golf, love it, and want to play our best. It only makes sense that you would want to have the very best equipment so that you can enjoy your golf that much more! Take the time to investigate this unanswered question, and you will be glad you did.

Pat is the 1999 North Florida PGA Teacher of the Year and the 1997, 1999 & 2000 West Central Chapter Teacher of the Year. To schedule a lesson with Pat, call (727) 480-9049.


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