Find Direction with the Caddy Towel

Stephen Hall has found his motivation again.

The 75-year-old, Clearwater retiree created the Caddy Towel about two years ago, something to occupy his days when he wasn't thinking about his ailing wife, Mary, in the hospital.

"I had nothing else better to do, so I came up with the design," Hall said.

Printed on a regular towel that you can attach to your golf bag, the Caddy Towel helps you line up for shots just like you had your own personal caddy. It shows the best ball placement for your stance, including your feet and center of stance. It shows ball positions for each club in your bag.

"It helps eliminate slices and hooks," said Hall, who routinely shoots in the low 80s. "Everyone has a different swing and stance and moving the towel around and finding the right spot is the whole principle of the Caddy Towel."

Hall lost his wife of 26 years about three months ago, but since then he's thought little of the Caddy Towel.

"I went through a lot and put it aside," he said.

The Caddy Towel

Now, Hall is feeling the pull of it again, hoping to get back out and promote the product at merchandise shows, including the large PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando next winter. Hall, however, remembers when he first told his late wife about it.

"She thought it was very interesting even though she didn't play golf," said Hall, who worked for the Wall Street Journal before retiring to Clearwater. "I've given a lot of them away just for people to show them around.

“I didn't come up with it to get rich because the price is low,” he added. “I'll probably send some to the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy and other schools so they can try them."

Hall says this isn't a moneymaker for him because the Caddy Towel isn't the perfect guarantee to help you shoot lower scores.

"If you're shooting in the 90s, it's not going to help you shoot in the 80s," Hall said. "You might lower your score, but it helps you hit better and straighter shots. It will line you up to hit the fairways and the greens, at least more of them. You still have to go to the driving range and play and practice to get better though."

Hall says the Caddy Towel is for a player who just can't understand why the shots are going the wrong direction.

After watching him play a number of rounds, Hall’s 93-year-old buddy, a former caddy, would keep saying telling the inventor he was offline and the set up was incorrect. This was the true genius of the Caddy Towel, because Hall feels everyone should have a caddy lining you up right before each shot.

"There are lots of tips, but everyone wants a caddy's help," Hall said. "Taking the Caddy Towel out on the course is good, but if you can memorize the stance and ball position, that's taking the most advantage of it. Practice with it and be patient and it can help."

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