Fitness-Tek Fore Golf Takes Golfers To The Next Level

Norman Belanger is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, certified corrective exercise specialist, published author and the only Level III Golf Fitness Instructor certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), in the Tampa Bay Area. He was personally trained by TPI co-founders David Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose.

Golf Fitness is a relatively new phenomenon that is taking the country, and now Tampa Bay, by storm. “A decade ago, other than the pros, not too many golfers even knew what golf fitness was.

With the rise of great golf athletes such as Tiger, Sergio, and Padraig, that’s all changed,” says Belanger. Because of my training from TPI, I am able to accurately identify movement impairments, swing faults, and muscle imbalances, and then create personalized fitness programs to correct them.

“Since working out with Norm, my game’s improved dramatically. Now I actually enjoy playing golf, and have a whole new appreciation for the game as a sport,” said client Jon Schwartz. When working with clients, Belanger focuses on four key physical components – flexibility, balance, strength, and power. The benefits of the personalized golf fitness program include: improved scores, increased driving distance, more stamina, and reduced pain – just to name a few.

Fitness-Tek Fore Golf now offers golf instruction inside a private studio! Introducing K-Vest the 3-D swing analysis system the pros use. Now you can get your swing analyzed by the same technology the leading PGA and LPGA Players use.

The 3-D wireless motion analysis experts from Fitness-Tek Fore Golf will measure some of the most critical factors of a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

orm is the owner of Fitness-Tek, one of Tampa Bay’s premiere personal training fitness companies. Fitness-Tek is committed to the safety, health, and training success of its clients and distinguishes itself by properly educating and empowering people to positively change their bodies and their lives forever. Personal, one-on-one training sessions are available in Norm’s private fitness studio located in Odessa.

To schedule a personalized assessment, contact Norman Belanger at (813) 431-1846 or or visit his website at


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