Meilus Muscular Therapy And Sports Offers Robotic Therapy

Would you like to have longer drives? If you have pain, would you like to be able to play pain free? Then come to Meilus Muscular Therapy & Sports, Inc. to make those and other changes in just “One Visit”! Robotic therapy is a non-invasive therapy designed to make corrections in areas of the body feeling pain. The therapy is used with an engineering approach by Meilus Muscular Therapy & Sports, Inc.

A patient’s body is analyzed to determine the source of pain before starting therapy with the robot. Once the pain is identified, the robot uses a manipulation wand to apply gentle pressure to the connective tissue that is causing the pain. The muscle returns to its normal state by releas-ing waste build up. When the build up is gone, the tissue is softened which allows the restoration of normal blood flow to promote further healing.

Meilus Muscular Therapy & Sports, Inc. specializes in controlling pain without pills or herbs, improving health/performance and providing sports therapy through the lengthening of muscles. They have helped many people in various sports including golf, tennis, running, cycling, softball, soccer, baseball and football using patented Therbo Robots™.

A “New Tool” to the traditional techniques of massage, physical therapy and medicine, they take a more holistic view of the body; they see different parts of the body functioning together as a whole. They also help those with pain, bad health, muscular diseases/disorders as well as improving athletic performance and injury prevention. They provide education in the clinic about your muscles and how to use the robots. If you have any health problem or pain, Meilus Muscular Therapy & Sports, Inc. can probably help.

Meilus Muscular Therapy and Sports is located at 8301 49th St. North, Pinellas Park, Florida 33781. For more information, visit or call (727) 547-1233.


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