Plantation Palms Golf Club Now Owned By Three Native Americans

Across the country native american tribal nations are building and buying golf courses. The tribal purchases of golf courses are to support the transition from gaming only to that of destination resorts. Golf is the natural addition to the casino, hotel and restaurant businesses.

But for all of the tribal acquisitions, there is not a golf course owned by native american individuals until now. Right here in the Tampa area in nearby Land O Lakes three native americans... Mitch Osceola, Jayson Ray and Steve McDonald have purchased the Plantation Palms Golf Club. Their company, MJS Golf Group (Mitch, Jayson, Steve) took over possession and management of the golf course on April 30th of this year. Immediately the welcoming ways of the native people started to be reflected in the customer service efforts of the staff.

Mitch, Jayson and Steve are members of three different tribes. They became friends because of their love for the game of golf. Because of golf, three guys from south Florida, Oregon and Kansas have become friends and are now in business together.

Mitch Osceola, as a graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy, is a real student of the golf swing and has been a leader and proponent of golf for the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Jayson Ray has been active in the world of golf through his First Nations Golf Association, a pro tour for native americans. Jayson and Steve have coordinated and run numerous competitive golf events for native americans of all ages. Steve McDonald is a twentysix year member of the PGA and has distinguished himself through his play, Native American National Senior Champion, and in recent years his support of the First Tee Association in his native Topeka, Kansas. Want to meet some golf course owners who really know golf?

Plantation Palms and MJS is the place to go. The MJS Golf Group is dedicated to golf and now is focused on making Plantation Palms Golf Course your home for golf as well as theirs.


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