Secure the Perimeter & Trust Sir Issac Newton

Rick BradshawBy Rick Bradshaw, PGA Director of Instruction,
Dent/Bradshaw School of Golf General Manager,
Heritage Isles G&CC

The secret to striking the golf ball on the center of the club face can be dramatically enhanced by securing the perimeter, and trusting Sir Isaac Newton. Be assured, securing the perimeter in golf is not a military operation or the hiring of guard dogs to keep intruders off the golf course.

However, it is the secret to maintaining a powerfully consistent swing arc. Trusting Sir Isaac Newton relates to allowing the centrifugal tendency of the club head to pull outward and align itself into the back of the golf ball.

Here are some visions and drills to help you achieve this technique:

  1. Learn to secure the perimeter by holding a broom with the brush end in your chest, with the pole end pointing down to the golf ball. Be sure to keep both arms very straight forming a triangle or V as you grip the pole of the broom somewhere near its center. At the same time be sure to keep your biceps pressed toward each other with your triceps secure on your chest. Pacing a towel under both arms will help you feel this connecting of your arms to your upper torso.
    Pivot and turn the broom waist high back, then waist high through. This will give you the feel of constant and wide swing arc. Remember the caveman out drove the Tyrannosaurus Rex because he secured the perimeter with a wider swing arc.
  2. Feeling the centrifugal tendency of the club head is very similar to a hammer throw technique without letting go of the hammer. The secret is rotating your torso and center of gravity in a tight enough circle to create an outward pull of the club head. The tighter the inner circle, the less effort required to move an outer object through space. This centripetal inner force will help the club head align itself back to its starting position at address. Securing the perimeter at address will help.

Rick Bradshaw is the Director of Instruction of the Dent/Bradshaw School of Golf which is ranked among the Top 50 Golf Schools in America by Golf Magazine. Rick is a two-time (2004 and 2006) Teacher of the Year for the West Central Chapter North Florida Section PGA and has been featured multiply times on Golf Channel. For more information or to set up a lesson, call (813) 220-8099 or go to The article above is from Rick’s new book “Formula to a Tour Swing.”


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