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Steve’s World of Golf The Pro Shop SpecialistsRemember the good old days when a green grass pro shop was THE PLACE to shop for golf equipment, clothing and accessories? With the advent of the Internet, Ebay and “Big Box” retail golf shops, well-stocked green grass pro shops have gone the way of the Edsel and milkman. The sole survivors are a few private country clubs, high-end daily-fee courses and resorts.

However, there is one man in the Tampa Bay area who is single-handedly turning back the hands of time. Steve Pitts, owner/operator of Steve’s World of Golf, is helping select local golf course owners/operators re-establish their pro shops as profit centers when many courses are struggling just to survive.

“After 22 years in the golf retail business, I’ve finally found my niche,” says Steve. “It’s time for me to give something back to golf course owners.”

With the economy down, golf course owners need to concentrate more than ever on providing a quality product. Course conditioning and effective management of resources are more important than ever. As the Pro Shop Specialists, Steve’s  World of Golf relieves participating golf course owners of their duties related to financing and maintaining their pro shops. This frees the owners and their staffs of valuable time and also revitalizes their pro shops, making them a convenient and competitive shopping alternative for their golf customers. This, in turn, starts to re-build customer loyalty.

“Typically we set up the pro shops and stock them with $40,000–$60,000 of current, new inventory,” says Steve. “All our merchandise is competitively priced.” This is all accomplished at NO COST to golf course owners. They pay only for merchandise that is sold through their cash registers, keeping an average of 20% of gross sales. With no overhead, this gives golf course owners a true 20% NET PROFIT on their sales.

Steve’s World of Golf handles all aspects of each pro shop operation, including receiving and stocking inventory; handling returns of defective product; accounts payable and bookkeeping; and training of pro shop staff.

Steve has also secured the back cover of the Tampa Bay Golfer’s Guide and uses this high-profi le space to promote his participating pro shops. Again, at NO COST to his partners.

Currently, Steve’s World of Golf has nine pro shop partners. He plans to expand the network aggressively over the next two years. His ultimate goal is to operate a total of 25 golf shops in the Tampa Bay, Sarasota and Orlando markets by the end of 2012. Not all courses are eligible. A minimum of 15 miles will be maintained between pro shops.

For more information, contact Steve Pitts at (727) 967-1019 or email:


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