Take a Look at the Taly MIND Set

The Taly MindI first heard about the “Taly MIND Set” while listening to Sports Animal radio host Steve Duemig interview Taly Williams the week after the 2010 British Open. Remember that red dot on winner Louis Osthuizen’s glove? Well, the “Taly” uses similar mental imagery that will help you improve your golf game.
Williams, with a background in engineering and a love for golf, invented the Taly to help golfers improve their games in a short period of time. The revolutionary mechanical device incorporates a mental reference point (the Talynt Point) between the mind of the golfer and his swing.

The device fits on your forward forearm. Once positioned correctly, the red ball is slightly extended. While making practice swings, keep your eyes on the red ball rather than the club. It’s remarkable how clearly the Talynt Point indicates the delineation of your swing in its tempo and rhythm.
Multiple Uses

The most basic use of the device is in helping a golfer stop flipping the club at or before impact. When a golfer performs this distance-robbing move, he is adding loft and opening the clubface. The result is a weak hit that flies higher than it should and slices to the right.
By extending the red ball the golfer can immediately see a flip occur because the shaft of the club will cross the shaft of the Taly. The red ball serves as a very visible reference point. The more the golfer can prevent the two shafts from crossing, the better the impact position will be.
The Taly is also a very powerful training aid for improving putting and chipping technique. Again, the idea is to not cross the shaft of the club with shaft of the Taly.

Check out www.taly.com and view videos of Taly Williams demonstrating 300 yard drives witout swinging his arms. Taly’s arms are moving, but he is not swinging them. He is simply turning his body on a constant plane and his arms are being held stationary. His mental goal is to generate club shaft flex, not club head speed.
Taly’s engineering evaluation concluded that there are too many moving parts in the golf swing and that it could be simplified to one engineered point of focus which triggers all the correct movements. From his set position, Taly is simply shoulder turning the Red Ball over the golf ball and it maintains his proper spine angle, keeps his thoughts off his swing, and provides a pure, repeatable transfer of energy into the golf ball.
The Taly Mind Set is available online at www.taly.com for $79.95 plus shipping and handling. In this golfer’s opinion, it’s well worth the investment.


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