The ‘Putt Whisperer' Can Help Your Game

The Putt Whisperer uses hightech video ultrasound analysis to train golfers how to lower their scores by making more putts. The analysis begins by customizing either the golfer’s existing putter or a new one. Then through instant feedback from the Science & Motion PuttLab – which is the reference in putting analysis and training – the Putt Whisperer trains you to set up in a neutral stance which aligns the putter square to the target every time.

The next step is finding your rhythm. With putting stroke feedback from the ultrasound video, the Putt Whisperer works with you to build a consistent rhythm known as tempo.

The last step in the fitting process is rotation of the putter. By the end of the first lesson, you will be setting up square to the target and putting square to the target every time. Follow up lessons include how to read greens and lag putting. Stop by Golf Provisions at Missing Links Driving Range in Largo to see a FREE demonstration or schedule a lesson with the Putt Whisperer at TPC Tampa Bay.


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