UltraMatch Golf, An Innovative New Golf League, Starts April 9th

UltraMatch Golf is an innovative new golf league designed for busy people who enjoy the challenge of competitive golf. UltraMatch Golf is about competition, excitement, and performing at your best when it counts most. You will experience all the excitement of new friendships, adrenaline highs, and the exhilaration from playing competitive golf. League details:

  • Competition: Play the best golfers in your area, at your skill level.
  • Flexibility: UltraMatch Golf creates your schedule; you control the day and time. You even chose your home course.
  • No Handicap Required. A verifiable handicap division is offered, but there’s also a competitive league if you don’t have a handicap. Simply enter your last three scores from an 18-hole course into UltraMatch Golf’s handicap calculator and you will be placed in the appropriate flight.
  • Match Play Format: Compete one-on-one with your opponent in the most exciting of all formats - Match Play.
  • Championship/Playoffs: During the regular season you earn points for each match played - three for a win, and one for a tie. These points are used to qualify you for the playoffs when you’ll have the opportunity to win significant prizes.
  • Convenience: The UltraMatch Golf Web site quickly and easily manages your schedule, scoring and stats. You will be able to scout your opponents as well.
  • Private Courses: By joining the Ultra-Match Golf League you will have access to several private courses for a reasonable price. Go to www.ultramatchgolf.com to see the list of participating courses.
  • Affordable: $44.95 per season.

How To Join: Go to www.ultramatchgolf.com.
When: Spring 2009 Season Registration Deadline is March 31st.
Schedule is Posted: April 9th. League Play Starts April 9th.
Regular Season Ends and Scores Final: June 7th.
Playoffs Draw Posted: June 9th.
Playoffs Begin: June 11th.
Playoffs End: July 6th.


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