Web Site Aims to Connect Golf Community

Though Michael Alt and Tod Jeffers have been in business less than a year, they're already starting over. Keep in mind, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Alt and Jeffers run www.ultimatefoursome.com, a Web site that gives golfers, vendors and tournament hosts an easy and inexpensive — actually free — way to search for amateur golf tournaments and events and connect with other players, not only in the Tampa Bay area, but throughout Florida.

As members sign up, they personalize their profile, which allows them to select areas in Florida they want to keep track of, then, the site sends out a weekly email that lists upcoming events.

"We've really worked hard to get the word out," Jeffers, 41, said, who works out of New Port Richey and carries an 8 handicap. "Our membership is growing and we're not trying to take business from anyone else (in the golf industry), but we're just trying to be the communication link out there."


Alt and Jeffers are starting over by redoing the Web site. The new version of the site launch in about 2-3 weeks, but they've added new aspects since they started the site that was good for finding all the local golf events.

They've added a junior golf section, one that will list all the junior tourneys available, and they've made the site available to vendors, ones that can list their equipment and product shows thoughout the Bay area.

"These were all new areas we wanted to incorporate," Jeffers said. "We even want advertisers to be able to better market certain areas, including when people log on from different areas around the country."

Jeffers notes that the site is getting growing traffic in Southern California and Texas, but adds they want to extend throughout the country so all cities use the site to list upcoming local events.

Jeffers said they hired a Web designer who's also a golfer to initiate the Web design, and he'll become a silent partner, helping run the site.

For now, signing up for the site is totally free.

"We're not out to become millionaires," Alt said when the site first launched.

Jeffers couldn't agree more, even going as far to say they're probably never charge for use of the site.

"It's still completely free and will that's going to stay that way," he said. "We want to connect the dots and bridge the gaps for any golfer -- amatuers, casual golfers, guys trying to break into the professional level -- and make (all the events) acessible to every golfer out there."

Mike Camunas can be reached at mike.camunas@gmail.com


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