An Inspiring Brand in Northern Italy

Contributor Lori KingI’m fortunate to work with many wonderful people in the business to help them realize their dream in creating a brand that is both meaningful and based in authenticity. Naming, strategy, blend development, design – I truly have one of the best jobs in the business!

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of working with a wonderful company in Trentino, located northern Italy. Cantina La Vis is a team of impassioned individuals, each as wonderful as the next and committed to developing wines that not only are very true to the region, but are meaningful and coincident with the preservation of heritage and culture.

The area is rich in material – a true brander’s paradise!  I absolutely fell in love with the source of many of the grapes for this particular brand - a jewel box of an area called Valle di Cembra. Mesmerized with its beauty, and energized by the passion of the growers, this area left me speechless.

The nearby city of Trento is home to the magnificent Castello di Buonconsiglio, and like any other museum, drew me in like a magnet. I was very taken by a monument commissioned by the Prince Bishop Bernardo Cles, in the 1500’s. The message engraved in this particular piece translates to “Know Thyself,” inviting one to recognize the value of being introspective. Again, I was inspired.

Intaglio You see, Cantina La Vis has spent years in determining the exact structure of its vineyards – from the soils to the elevation to the exposure, and with this knowledge, they planted the grape that would thrive in each particular vineyard. In essence, “Know Thyself” is a guiding mantra.

With the knowledge gained and the inspiration achieved through visits to Valle di Cembra, there seemed to be an obvious choice for the brand name, and that was Intaglio.

Intaglio refers to an incised image, most notably seen in ancient signet rings or stone buildings.  The engraved monument and the trademark engraved hills carved into the steep slopes of Valle di Cembra further supported the choice of Intaglio.

The wines, a Bianco and Rosso, each feature three different varietals.  The Bianco is an aromatic blend of Müller-Thurgau, unoaked and barrique-aged Chardonnay and Riesling Renano. The Intaglio Rosso is a lush blend of Teroldego, Lagrein, and Marzemino.  Both gorgeous wines of memorable profiles, with a brand story built upon the wonderful history of this special area in Trentino.

Editor's Note: Lori King is the president of Chickadee Branding Specialists, LLC


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