Connecting flights

Q: I have booked a flight from Los Angeles to London in February on Virgin Atlantic in premium economy. I have two-and-a-half hours to connect to a British Airways flight to Delhi, for which I have purchased a business class ticket. If Virgin fails to get me to London in time to connect, what are my rights for getting to Delhi?

Andrea Correnti, San Diego:

A: If I am correct in assuming that you have bought two separate tickets with Virgin and BA, you would have no rights to compensation should you miss your onward flight to Delhi (unless the Virgin flight were egregiously delayed or cancelled). However, even at the dreaded Heathrow, you seem to have allowed ample time to transfer yourself and your baggage from terminal three to terminal five.

However, if you have an ‘interline' connection (a through booking) between Virgin and BA, Virgin would have to put you on the next available flight if you were to miss that connection.  You might have done better to have flown Virgin all the way to India. (Virgin has a daily flight from Heathrow to Delhi.) 


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