Know Thyself On the Course and in the Glass

Intaglio WineA flood of the river Adige sent Albrecht Durer on his serendipitous journey through the Valle di Cembra, and inspired him to capture its beauty in watercolors and etchings. His path is still marked today with his initials – an engraving, or Intaglio, in stone.

Our label is inspired by a decorative carving at the Castello di Buonconsiglio in Trento. Commissioned by a prince bishop, the Intaglio translates to “Know Thyself” and the convex black center was to be polished to show ones reflection.

Intaglio Bianco

The visually unparalleled and climatically distinctive terroir of Valle di Cembra produces wonderfully aromatic white wines, where the revered Müller Thurgau shines.

At some of the highest elevations in Europe, these Alpine vineyards are cultivated on steep terraces with favorable sun exposure. At elevations up to 850m, the physiology of the grape differs, and with great diurnal temperature ranges, the fresh and aromatic profile of the grapes shows purity of fruit and perfectly balanced acidity.

A beautifully aromatic wine comprised of crisp Müller Thurgau, elegant Chardonnay and delicate Riesling grapes from the picturesque Valle di Cembra of northern Italy. Wonderful layers of flavors of peach, apple and honeysuckle. This award-winning wine is perfect as an aperitif, and pairs beautifully with light pastas, sushi and Thai dishes.

Intaglio Rosso

Intaglio Rosso features three indigenous varietals – Teroldego, Lagrein and Marzemino. These lush and velvety varietals exude a local richness achieved through the distinctive terroir of the region.

The Teroldego and Lagrein are sourced from vineyards south of Sorni, along the River Adige. The Marzemino is sourced near Isera. Each of these grapes prefer the warmer climate and rich soil of the valley floors and foothills. The Marzemino imparts a velvety texture to the wine, while the Teroldego provides for the structure of the wine.

The minerality on the finish is a result of the sandstone soils on which the grapes are grown. This blend provides a true representation of the typicity of the area, while allowing for the winemakers interpretation of the vineyards. A lush velvety wine with flavors of red cherry and plum, with a hint of spice. Pairs wonderfully with stews and chili and aged, hard cheese.

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