Villa Cafaggio - Chianti Classico

Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico In order for a wine to be defined as Chianti Classico, it must be produced with at least 80 percent Sangiovese grapes. The Chianti Classico and the “Villa Cafaggio” Riserva use 100 percent Sangiovese grapes.

At Villa Cafaggio everything must be done in pursuit of excellence - from care of the vineyards to selection of barrels and barriques - in order to reach the right balance between traditional production methods and modern vinification techniques. At Villa Cafaggio, the focus is on the “art of making wine."

The Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico has a very intense ruby red color. It has an intense fruity aroma with spicy notes and a full concentrated palate, with a very pleasant finish.

The grapes are de-stemmed and delicately crushed to minimize damage to the skin. The must is combined with selected yeasts and pectolytic enzymes that trigger off fermentation that then takes place in steel vats at a maximum temperature of 30°C. During fermentation the wine is frequently pumped over to optimize extraction of color and polyphenols.

The wine remains in contact with the skin for 15-20 days before it is drawn off.

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